Spring is in full swing!


We’ve loved having the extra hours of daylight to squeeze in a bit more work or to spend time with family & friends. After a rainy March, most of us can feel the warmer weather upon us and are starting to see new leaves and blossoms on the trees. With all this “new” breaking through, we’re feeling inspired to start some much-neglected projects and make changes for the season, especially around the home. Out with the old and in with new!

Keep an eye out for upcoming events and arrivals happening at The Arc; we have some amazing beauties coming your way.

As Coachella season winds down, we put together a playlist to celebrate one of the ways we universally connect...music.

Sunday is Earth Day, a good time to check-in with respect for this marvelous planet we call home. If we could each make one small change, whether it is with energy consumption, use of plastics or carbon emissions, a big difference could be felt. Express love and gratitude for our world.


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