Love Letter

The Arc Love Letter

Hello you,

It started with a question, "How can I best bring together my work, educational experience, and merge it with doing things that ring my bell? That Inspire? That gives back? Has the potential for financial success? Something to be proud of?". At the time of asking such a question, I was in a reflective place in my life and feeling bold enough to draw out some of my truths. Now a woman with a family to call my own, a successful former career, and the accomplishment of having returned to finish my education left me with a great sense of well-being, but I was still in need of a 'next steps' plan.

I am so grateful for the opportunity and ability to have succinctly pointed to these ideas and experiences I wanted to incorporate into my 'next steps' and in thinking through how I might manifest this. The thoughts to create joy in my life, in my work, and grow something meaningful, the architecture of The Arc began to reveal itself. Ever mindful of establishing a structure that leaves room for creativity, as well as the ability to respond to opportunities quickly, felt necessary in creating a flourishing company that has the potential to benefit many.

Rooting for those near and dear was another moment that gave me great pleasure, a candid community where we can come together in our truth and talk about what's really going on. I've come to believe we are all connected in some way, each part of a circle, the arc. That was it! I would spend my days as huntress as well as an ambassador for all things that give me great delight while creating a platform for artists to thrive. This would be my day, my year, my own Arc and I excite in the notion that I get to wake up and make this party happen.

With love,